Brad, et. al…

It’s a fantastic lift – a well engineered product that gets the job done. I put it together and installed it myself (a very proud moment!), and all of my customer service questions / issues have been addressed and answered immediately.

Please thank everyone there for their dedication and support…you guys are great!



I would just like to say how much we enjoy our Roll-A-Dock. We purchased an 8 foot section (in cedar) at a local boat show to use for the sport of dock diving and your product has really helped in training the new puppies. We plan on buying more sections for future use because it is the best product we have found for our purposes.

Thanks again,


I just finished installing a hewitt direct drive unit on my HL 3800 lift. Everything went perfect, just as it did when I put together the lift. What wonderful products you have.

Thank you very much,


Dear Sir:

About 2 years ago, I purchased my first Hewitt lift, it was a cantilever lift. I wrote you an e-mail about the lift and how I was happy with the lift, but that several screws and nuts were missing from the bag and I had to purchase them at another location. At that time you mailed me a check for the cost of the items I had to buy, several Hewitt pens, drink coolies, a overnight bag, with a very nice letter.

As you can see in the photo of me and my 1st lift in the background, I am holding one of the coolies (very nice to have while on the lake in the hot weather). In the foreground, you can see my 2nd Hewitt lift, which is a vertical lift.

You can see that I am very happy with my lifts and docks. I am writing this letter as a thank you for the items and the reimbursement check.

A happy customer,



We just had this dock installed on May 4th & really like it. Here’s a photo I took this morning. We live in an addition on a 9 acre pond. You can imagine that this is by far the best dock in the addition. Note that we added 2 aluminum solar lights on the ends.

– Mark


Hi Dan,

I want to compliment you on your Classic Dock system. I wanted a dock that was lighter than the wood version I used for years.

In all I am very impressed with the dock and have had a number of positive comments on it.

– Dave



I can not thank you enough for your rapid response and help with this. You and your company should be proud for your service. Too many places today think only of themselves. I will recommend you and your product to all my friends at the lake.

– Jim

Jim, Owner