Dear Sir:

About 2 years ago, I purchased my first Hewitt lift, it was a cantilever lift. I wrote you an e-mail about the lift and how I was happy with the lift, but that several screws and nuts were missing from the bag and I had to purchase them at another location. At that time you mailed me a check for the cost of the items I had to buy, several Hewitt pens, drink coolies, a overnight bag, with a very nice letter.

As you can see in the photo of me and my 1st lift in the background, I am holding one of the coolies (very nice to have while on the lake in the hot weather). In the foreground, you can see my 2nd Hewitt lift, which is a vertical lift.

You can see that I am very happy with my lifts and docks. I am writing this letter as a thank you for the items and the reimbursement check.

A happy customer,

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