I/O Hydraulic Pontoon Legs

Hewitt I/O Legs are specially designed for I/O pontoon boats with a performance package that prevents the use of other legs due to a lack of space between pontoons or concerns over loss of speed from rear leg drag. The I/O mounting system positions the rear legs behind the pontoons. There’s nothing in the water stream to slow you down or affect performance. I/O Hydraulic Legs can be installed on almost any pontoon boat and can be used in combination with two front leg options, the Hewitt hydraulic straight leg or wide base design.


  • Hewitt I/O Pontoon Legs use the same heavy-duty materials, construction techniques and pumps as our other hydraulic leg systems. They also offer the same simple push button operation. Features unique to the I/O Pontoon Legs are shown below.

    Support Bracket - 
    The slimline under deck mounting track solidly secures the rear legs while allowing water to freely flow between the pontoons.
    Rear Leg Placement - 
    In the stowed position, feet are raised completely out of the water and tucked in behind the pontoon tubes.
    Tow Hook -
    A horizontal cross member gives the legs lateral stability and provides a tow bar with hook for quick, easy attachment of ski lines.
  • Model Height With Legs retracted Capacity Recommended Boat Lengths Weight
    Straight 6-1/2" 8500 lbs 19' to 34' 504
    Wide Base 6-1/2" 8500 lbs 19' to 34' 514
    Model Min. Width Between Pontoons For Triple Toon Installation Min. Width Between Pontoons For Twin Tubes Total Lift Height From Bottom To Deck Top Max. Transom Length From First Full Cross Member On Rear Of Boat
    Straight 6" on Rear 8-1/2" on Front - 72" -
    Wide Base 6" on Rear 10-1/2" on Front - 72" -
  • 2 year limited warranty. Click to view details.



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