An onboard lift for virtually any pontoon boat

Hydraulic Pontoon Legs by Hewitt

An onboard lift for virtually any pontoon boat –
twin-toon, tri-toon, 18 to 28 ft.

Hewitt Hydraulic Pontoon Legs are available in three models to best match the size, style and operating conditions of your pontoon boat. Like the Hewitt electric system, these models help preserve the appearance and value of your pontoon, eliminate the need to tie off your boat and free up space at your dock. Enjoy the convenience of push-button operation and the flexibility of a built-in lift that travels with your pontoon.

Built to last longer and stand taller

Hydraulic cylinders are the muscles of any fluid power system. Hewitt Hydraulic Pontoon Legs use 2″ cylinders which are 20% stronger than those of competitors. The rest of the supporting structure, including mounting brackets, legs and feet, are made from structural aluminum which offers a high strength-to-weight ratio and natural corrosion resistance. Hewitt Hydraulic Legs are also well suited to deeper water applications. At maximum leg extension, the underside of the boat’s deck is approximately 6′ above the bottom of the supporting feet.

Designed to work with your boat

There is a Hewitt Hydraulic model for virtually every pontoon boat. Leg assemblies are solidly bolted to the existing frame members of your pontoon boat and will not interfere with trailering or normal operation. In the retracted position, legs extend less than 6½” below the deck. Boats can be transported with scissor or bunk style trailers.


    • Wireless remote control and hard-wired onboard control with LifTrack.
    • 32” long self-adjusting feet. Feet pivot independently of the legs to compensate for uneven terrain. The large tubular design evenly distributes the pontoon’s weight for excellent stability, even on soft bottoms.
    • 12 volt DC powered hydraulic pumps.
    • Environmentally friendly, biodegradeable hydraulic fluid. Will not harm lakes or wildlife if spilled.
    • Installing Pontoon Legs will not void your boat's warranty.

    Onboard Pendant Control - 
    User-friendly design allows your boat to be raised or lowered with the press of a single button. The control also allows independent operation of front and rear legs for leveling. "LifTrack," a unique LED arc-of-travel indicator, shows the exact position of the legs during extension and retraction.
    Wireless Remote Control - 
    A key fob style control is included with every system. Raise and lower your boat from the convenience of your dock or shore.
    Heavy-duty Pivot with Brass Bushings -
    The top end of each support leg pivots on a 1¼" solid machined bar fitted with a brass bushing for smooth movement to prevent wear and give superior resistance to corrosion and wear.
    Extra Reinforcement -
    Attachment/pivot points for the feet and hydraulic cylinders are reinforced through the entire width of the legs. The welded sleeve is constructed from 11/8" diameter tubing with an extra thick ¼" sidewall.
    Leg assemblies in stowed position
    2” Cylinders are 20% stronger than competitors
    Dual synchronized hydraulic pumps for Straight Leg and Wide-Base Legs
    Single hydraulic pumps for Standard Hydraulic Legs
  • Standard Hydraulic Legs

    The standard model is an economical choice for smaller boats with twin pontoons. The front and rear sets of legs are tied together and operate in tandem. Each set of legs is powered by a separate hydraulic pump and can be raised or lowered independently to level your boat. Leg assemblies are constructed from rugged 4" square tubing.

    Hydraulic Straight Legs

    This model can be used with either twin or triple pontoon boats and uses heavy-duty 6" diameter aluminum tubing for superior strength and greater load carrying capacity. This model features dual synchronized hydraulic pumps front and rear. Each leg is connected to its own pump, providing faster extension and retraction. Front and rear legs can be operated separately to level your boat.

    Hydraulic Wide-Base Legs

    Wide-Base and Straight Leg models are identical with one exception. Specially designed angled mounting brackets give these legs the widest base of any onboard lift available today —72"! That's 24" wider than the nearest competition. This extra width and stability is ideal for twin or triple pontoon boat owners who live or travel in areas of strong winds and rough water.
  • Model Height With Legs retracted Capacity Recommended Boat Lengths Weight
    Standard 5-1/2" 4000 lbs 19' to 22' 398
    Straight 6-1/2" 6000 lbs 19' to 28' 447
    Wide Base 6-1/2" 6000 lbs 19' to 28' 467
    Model Min. Width Between Pontoons For Triple Toon Installation Min. Width Between Pontoons For Twin Tubes Total Lift Height From Bottom To Deck Top Max. Transom Length From First Full Cross Member On Rear Of Boat
    Standard N/A 48-1/2" 72" 61"
    Straight 8-1/2" - 72" -
    Wide Base 10-1/2" - 72" -
  • 2 year limited warranty. Click to view details.



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