Make your boat come to you


Make your boat come to you

Roll-A-Rail offers a convenient way to fully protect boats, pontoons and even float planes from water and weather damage. The ease of moving your craft to and from the water and shore aids visual inspection and simplifies periodic maintenance or repairs. Roll-A-Rail is built to Hewitt’s exacting standards and constructed from corrosion resistant structural aluminum. It is available in a 4500 lb and 6500 lb model. The larger model features heavier gauge stainless steel cable and an extra heavy-duty trolley.


    1. Controls - The control box features simple push-button operation and an auto stop plug for connection to an optional limit switch. Two key fob remote controls with a 200’ range are also included with the system.
    2. 115V AC Drive System - The 1 HP electric motor and winch are fully enclosed in a water-resistant polyethylene chest with stainless steel handles. The enclosure also includes a lockable hasp for added security.
    3. Optional Cable Guide - Optional polyethylene rail cable guides prevent wear on cross braces when the degree of slope changes.
    4. Cable System - The stainless steel winch cable smoothly transports the trolley using an efficient 2-way push/pull system.
    5. Optional Crossbar with Legs - Crossbars with adjustable legs can be added as needed for support on extended runs or where changes in terrain occur.
    6. Optional Pivoting Rail - Pivoting rail sections swing up to allow garage or boathouse doors to close completely. Eliminates security or environmental concerns.
    7. Trolley & Track - Your craft travels on a heavy-duty aluminum trolley and reinforced track. The trolley has full-length bunks and keel protectors. Interlocking rail guards prevent trolley derailment.
    8. Optional Mechanical Limit Switch - Mechanical spring driven limit switch automatically stops the motor to prevent cart over-travel.

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  • Roll-A-Rail is available with a variety of additional accessories and can be customized for the shore and water characteristics of your location.
    • Standard 32' model can be extended to any length with 4’ , 8' and 16' add-on track sections.
    • Electric motor brake for steep inclines. Electric motor brake comes standard on 6500 lb model.
    • Deluxe rubber cradles and keel protectors.
    • Pontoon conversion kits.
    • Centering guides.
    • Motor stop.
  • Rail system and supporting structure can accommodate widely different terrain, from gentle slopes to sharp drop-offs.

    A variety of shorline type installations. Figure one shows a gently sloping shoreline. Figure two shows a late drop off. Figure three shows an early drop off.


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