Your Own Personal Water Craft

Personal Watercraft Lift

Make it easy on yourself

Dragging your personal watercraft or small boat across a rocky shore can ruin your hull (and your back). Hewitt has a better solution – single or double PWC lifts. Raise and lower your light craft without strain or damage. Capacities range from 1150 lbs to 1800 lbs, and all models offer the benefits of all-aluminum construction – low weight, high strength and rust-free corrosion resistance. Standard features include horizontal crossbar reinforcement, self-braking winches with enclosed gears, durable acetal Delrin pulleys with stainless steel cable and adjustable pressure treated wood bunks, covered with marine carpeting.

Protect your investment with an optional canopy system.


    • All-aluminum construction – low weight, strong and rust-free.
    • Bed frame reinforced with horizontal cross bars.
    • Self-braking winch with enclosed gears.
    • Acetal delrin plastic pulleys with stainless cable.
    • Adjustable pressure treated wood bunks.
    • Bunks are covered with marine carpeting.

    Bunk upgrade detail Optional PWC Bunk Upgrade Full-length aluminum tubes with plastic non-scratch glides. Protective end caps available in accessories section.
  • Single 1150 Cantilever
    Includes: Winch with 40” wheel and spinner knob, two 18” leveling legs and end caps. Shown with optional Aluminum Bunks.
    Single 1100 Hi-Lift
    Includes: Winch with 40” wheel and spinner knob, four 30” leveling legs and end caps.
    Double Winch 2300 Cantilever
    Includes: Two independent winches with 40” wheels and spinner knobs, end caps and four 18” leveling legs.
    Double 1200, 1800 Cantilever
    Includes: Winch with 40” wheel and spinner knob. One 2” x 6” and one 2” x 8” set of bunks – allows one PWC to float free while the other is still supported.
  • Model Capacity Inside Width Outside Width Length Weight Leveling Legs Lift Bed Height-Up Lift Bed Height-Down Lift Travel Canopy Width Size
    Cantilever Standard Lift PWC LOA11-PW 1150 lbs* 67" 74" 72" 135 lbs 2-18" 40" 12" 31" 71"
    Vertical Hi-Lift LOAH-11 1100 lbs 66" 74" 68" 170 lbs 4-30" 64-1/2" 8-1/2" 56" 71"
    Cantilever Standard Lift -PWC LOA12-PW 1200 lbs* 96" 100" 102" 294 lbs OPT'L 41-1/2" 4" 37-1/2" 100"
    Cantilever Standard Lift -PWC Double Winch LOA23-DW 2300 lbs 67" (x2) 147" 72" 270 lbs 4-18" 40" 12" 31" 138"
    Cantilever Standard Lift -PWC LOA18-PW 1800 lbs* 106" 110" 102" 362 lbs OPT'L 41-1/2" 4" 37-1/2" 110"

    *Leveling legs optional

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