The heavyweight class takes watercraft to a whole new level

Large Capacity Hydraulic Lift

The heavyweight class takes watercraft to a whole new level

The Hewitt 12,100 lb, 18,100 lb and 24,100 lb models are a special class of hydraulic lifts. They are designed to provide superior stability for large craft while retaining the speed and convenient operation of our smaller lifts. These models add a larger capacity hydraulic pump, heavier gauge aluminum and extra bracing. Lift height is 77-1/2”. With optional bracing and leg kits, these lifts can be used in water up to 10’ deep.

Describing these lifts as heavy-duty is an understatement. All main frame members are 3-3/4” x 7-1/2” structural aluminum tubing with a .345” wall thickness. Tubing for the lift arm uprights is a full 3/8” thick . Both models are equipped with four 3-1/2” sq. x 48” long leveling legs and fully adjustable aluminum/rubber bunks.

Wherever you look, you’ll see unsurpassed quality and durability when you choose a Hewitt Hydraulic Lift. We’ve designed and built lifts for over 40 years, and we do it right. Don’t be misled by manufactures offering warranties longer than the number of years the company has been building lifts.

Low capacity hydraulic models also available


  • Hydraulic Pump, Controls and Locking Chest
    The 12,100, 18,100 and 24,100 models include a large locking water-resistant chest to house the high capacity hydraulic pump used for these lifts. The chest provides ample storage for batteries or other equipment in addition to the pump and control system. As with all models, the system can be operated with the push-button controls inside the chest or with the key fob wireless remote controls.

    24V DC System with 5 HP motor.

    220V AC System with 7-1/2 HP motor.

    84” Wide Adjustable “V” Bed
    Welded “V” pattern cross bracing adds strength to the upper lift arms and creates a solid foundation for the aluminum/rubber bunks. The supporting system consists of a dual pair of 6’ and 16’ bunks for the 12,100 lb. model, a dual pair of 8’ and 20’ bunks for the 18,100 lb model and dual pair of 6', 8', 16' and 20' bunks for the 24,100 lb.
  • Model Capacity Inside Width Outside Width Length Weight Leveling Legs Lift Bed Height-Up Lift Bed Height-Down Lift Travel Canopy Width Size
    Hydraulic Lift 12100 LOH121 - 4 cylinder 12100 lbs 132" 138" 206" 1300 lbs 4-48" 77-1/2" 23" 54-1/2" 138"
    Hydraulic Lift 18100 LOH181 - 6 cylinder 18100 lbs 132" 138" 240" 1600 lbs 4-48" 77-1/2" 23" 54-1/2" 138"
    Hydraulic Lift 24100 LOH241 - 8 cylinder 24100 lbs 132" 138" 396" 2540 lbs 6-48" 77-1/2" 23" 54-1/2" 138"

    For low-capacity hydraulic models, click here.
    Heights are measured to the top cross arm, and longer legs are available.



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