The ultimate for speed, convenience and lifting capacity

Hydraulic Lift

The ultimate for speed, convenience and lifting capacity

Hewitt hydraulic lifts offer the push-button convenience and remote control operation of our standard cantilever hydraulic models, plus faster cycle times and higher capacities. This series includes a larger selection of models with capacities ranging from 4400 lbs on standard models to a massive 18,100 lbs on high capacity models. All lifts have corrosion-resistant all-aluminum frames and include a locking water-resistant chest for housing the hydraulic pump and control system. With optional bracing and leg kits, these lifts can be used in water up to 10’ deep.

All sizes are available in 220V AC and 12V or 24V DC battery powered models. (Battery(s) not included). A wide range of optional equipment is also available, including solar cell battery chargers, lighting kits, pump box stand, canopies and more.


  • Speed and Load Optimized Hydraulics
    Hewitt hydraulic lifts are engineered to raise their maximum rated loads through the full arc of travel without hesitation. Hydraulics are optimized to provide the fastest operating speed in the industry without increasing pressure and overstressing the pump. If you compare specifications, be sure to get the whole story. Some makers advertise faster speeds that do not represent the entire lifting cycle. Most Hewitt lifts deliver up to 55” of travel in less than 40 seconds.

    Construction Details
    The mainframes of Models 4400 through 10,100 are built with structural aluminum tubing. Model 4400 uses 3” x 6” rectangular tubing; all others 3-3/4” x 7-1/2” tubing. The heavyweight class is constructed from double-thick 3-3/4” x 7-1/2” tubing. Lift heights for all models is 77-1/2” with the exception of Model 4400 which is available in 54” and 76” lift heights.

    Reinforced carpeted bunks
    Reinforced Carpeted Tilting Bunks
    Full-length carpeted bunks on reinforced 3” x 3” square aluminum tubing are standard on 4400 – 10,100 lb models.

    Aluminum/Rubber Bunks
    Aluminum bunks with full-length rubber are standard on 12,100 and 18,100 lb models. Optional on lower capacity models.

    Welded “V” Plates 
    Cantilever frame features heavy-duty materials and construction. Lift arms are reinforced with extra large “V” plates to prevent swaying.

    Heavy-Duty Pivots with Pin Lock
    Welded pivot points incorporate 1” stainless steel pivot pins with notched heads to prevent pin rotation that can lead to premature wear.

    Hydraulic Pump, Control System and Chest 
    All models include a locking water-resistant chest that houses the hydraulic pump and control system. For DC models, the chest also provides storage space for batteries. Lifts can either be operated with the push-button controls within the chest or with the convenient key fob remote controls. The hydraulic system uses biodegradable hydraulic fluid that will not harm lakes or rivers. The fluid’s anti-freezing properties also simplify winter storage. A translucent fluid reservoir makes it easy to check fluid level at a glance.

    Marine Quality Hydraulic Cylinders 
    Aluminum cylinders with solid stainless steel shafts are standard on 4400, 6100, 8100, and 18,100 lb lifts. Commercial grade steel cylinders with triple-chrome shafts are standard on 10,100 and 12,100 lb lifts. All cylinders have long-lasting seals with scrapers designed for underwater use and hoses with water-resistant covering. Threaded end caps, allow access to the cylinders if repairs are ever required – a cost advantage over welded cylinders.
  • Model Capacity Inside Width Outside Width Length Weight Leveling Legs Lift Bed Height-Up Lift Bed Height-Down Lift Travel Canopy Width Size
    Hydraulic Lift 4400 54" LOH445 - 2 cylinder 4400 lbs 114" 120" 151" 522 lbs 4-36" 54" 20-3/4" 33-1/4" 120"
    Hydraulic Lift 4400 76" LOH447 - 2 cylinder 4400 lbs 114" 120" 151" 559 lbs 4-36" 76" 20-3/4" 55-1/4" 120"
    Hydraulic Lift 6100 LOH61 - 2 cylinder 6100 lbs 114" 120" 151" 759 lbs 4-36" 77-1/2" 23" 54-1/2" 120"
    Hydraulic Lift 8100 LOH81 - 4 cylinder 8100 lbs 132" 138" 206" 999 lbs 4-36" 77-1/2" 23" 54-1/2" 138"
    Hydraulic Lift 10100 LOH101 - 4 cylinder 10100 lbs 132" 138" 206" 1100 lbs 4-36" 77-1/2" 23" 54-1/2" 138"
    Hydraulic Lift 12100 LOH121 - 4 cylinder 12100 lbs 132" 138" 206" 1300 lbs 4-48" 77-1/2" 23" 54-1/2" 138"
    Hydraulic Lift 18100 LOH181 - 6 cylinder 18100 lbs 132" 138" 240" 1600 lbs 4-48" 77-1/2" 23" 54-1/2" 138"

    Heights are measured to the top cross arm, and longer legs are available.



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