Hewitt Boat Lifts

Protecting your prized possession

Whether it’s a fishing boat, pontoon, personal watercraft or high performance speed boat, Hewitt Manufacturing has a boat lift perfectly sized, equipped and priced for your needs. Hewitt lifts keep your watercraft convenient and ready while protecting them from the damaging effects of prolonged exposure to waves, algae and floating debris. Hewitt canopies provide additional protection, shielding your boat from rain, hail and sun.

Photo of two industial robots welding dock parts

Design and Construction

Hewitt Lifts have earned a reputation for being the most durable in the industry.

Overall safety and enjoyment of your lift is the focus of Hewitt Manufacturing. The lifts we build are low maintenance and designed to make installation and use as easy as possible. Our designs require no top bars that can get in the way when entering or exiting a boat. Above all, Hewitt lifts are built to last. At first glance, different brands of lifts may look similar, but upon closer inspection, you’ll find that Hewitt lifts are built like no other. Heavier gauge plate metal, extensive use of structural extrusions, better reinforcing – these are important differences that add up to greater value. We also give extra attention to the way parts are assembled. All key joints are first made with a self-supporting “through-hole” connection and then secured with high-precision robotic welding. Hewitt offers one of the most extensive lines of lifts available, and we’re sure you’ll find a model and package of accessories ideally suited to your needs.

top view of winch Emphasis on Easy Operation
Every type of Hewitt lifting mechanism is optimized to work with minimal effort. Manual winches are equipped with large diameter hand wheels and spinner knobs for faster, easier operation. Electric winches raise and lower lifts with the flip of a switch and hydraulic systems feature the ultimate convenience of wireless remote control.
40 inch winch wheel Winches Suited to the Task
Hewitt manual winches are specifically sized and geared to the capacity of the lift for safe operation. Unless otherwise specified, lifts under 2400 lb capacity are equipped with a 12:1 ratio Dutton Lainson self-braking winch. 2400 lb – 5600 lb HL models feature Hewitt’s high-efficiency chain drive winch with 15:1 and 20:1 gear ratios. Gears, chain and winding drum are fully enclosed.
trex cradle Trex Cradles
Standard boat cradles, unless otherwise specified, are made from a non-scratch plastic and wood fiber composite. Trex Cradles are used on lifts between our 1200 lb & 1800 lb series. This material absorbs very little water, won’t split and requires little or no maintenance.
end view of carpeted bunk Carpeted Bunks
Standard bunks are made from pressure-treated lumber and covered with premium grade marine carpeting for scratch protection. Carpeting is highly resistant to mildew and rot. Carpeted full-length bunks are used on lifts beginning at 2400 lbs and larger.
leveling leg detail Adjustable Leveling Legs
Leveling legs are standard on boat lifts with capacities of 1600 lbs and up. Legs are available as options on PWC and narrow pontoon lifts. Exterior mounted legs with stainless steel quick pins allow easier adjustment and help prevent jamming.
pully assortment Pulleys & Cables
Lifts with cable systems use smooth-rolling acetal Delrin plastic pulleys with high-strength galvanized steel housings and stainless steel cable – not rope. Pulleys have hardened brass bushings for optimum performance under heavy load. Our lift designs also keep pulleys and cables completely out of the water in the raised position for even longer life.
assortment of nuts, bolts and other hardware Hewitt Hardware
Every connection point is secured with the proper type of hardware. A combination of stainless steel, Durlak coated hardware and brass is used to achieve the required strength and/or corrosion resistance.
close-up of tire Poly Tire
Helper wheels used to aid in the positioning of lifts are made from corrosion resistant polyethylene and feature seamless construction with relief venting. Hewitt’s poly tire is the largest in the industry.

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