Exceptional engineering redefines the
sectional dock

Classic Dock

Exceptional engineering redefines the sectional dock

The Classic Dock offers the great appearance and flexibility of a post and plank dock in a high-strength modular system. The Classic is perfect for people who want to make the most of their recreational time. Large 4’ x 8’, 4 x 12’, 4 x 16’ sections mean fewer parts for faster installation. Optional wheel kits are also available to aid placement and removal. Aluminum construction eliminates painting and requires little or no maintenance. Modular design also makes it easy to add on or change the configuration of your dock at any time.


  • 4’ x 8’, 4’ x 12’ or 4’ x 16’ sections with 4’ x 4’ drop-in deck panels. 3’, 5’ and 8’ pole lengths. Sections may be connected in any combination.

    Diagram showing several dock layouts
    Simplified Assembly  Pre-engineered components make installation a breeze. A 1/2” wrench is the only tool needed for assembly. Dock sections are secured and adjusted for height with the turn of a bolt. 4’ x 4’ deck sections simply drop into place – no fasteners needed. For a streamlined appearance, poles may be cut flush with the deck surface.
    Heavy-Duty Framework Classic frame sections are extremely strong yet low in weight. Our 4’ x 8’, 4’ x 12’, 4’ x 16’ sections are all lightweight. Frames are made from rugged 2” x 5” double-wall extruded aluminum and reinforced with one center beam and two crossbars. Support poles, pads and fittings are also made from lightweight, corrosion-resistant aluminum.
  • For details on decking materials, click here.




    * available on 4' wide docks only.



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