Clean Design
Hewitt products do not only come with quality, but also a refined- yet simple design. The boat lift and dock systems are made out of freshly manufactured aluminum, the decking is available in 4 different styles, and all accessories are modernized.
Prolonged Quality
For over 40 years, boat and watercraft owners have trusted the safety and longevity of their investments to Hewitt boat lifts and docks. We are more than confident that you will find the quality, workmanship, and design of all Hewitt products to be the industry's finest. The products are made from a 6061-T6 marine grade aluminum, so they can handle both rough and salt water.
Fair Price
Hewitt takes into consideration the amount of time it takes to produce each product, the quality of product, and the competitiveness of the market when adding a price tag. With many pleased customers, you will find that you do get for what you pay for.
Loyal Service
We, at Accel Docks, strive to make our customers happy. If needed, our team will come out to you in order to help you decide what you need — based on the location, terrain situation, and budget.

Dock Systems

Leisure, recreation, utility – Whatever brings you to the water’s edge, you can count on Hewitt docks for safety and durability every step of the way. There’s a Hewitt dock system ideally suited for the terrain and water characteristics of your property.

Boat Lifts

Whether it’s a fishing boat, pontoon, personal watercraft or high performance speed boat, Hewitt Manufacturing has a boat lift perfectly sized, equipped and priced for your needs. Hewitt lifts keep your watercraft convenient and ready while protecting them from the damaging effects of prolonged exposure to waves, algae and floating debris. Hewitt canopies provide additional protection, shielding your boat from rain, hail and sun.

Otter Island

A floating resort with all the amenities. Kids and adults alike will love taking a mini-vacation on this large 8’ x 10’ water & swim raft. Available in yellow with blue table and seats or beige with green table and seats. Raft weighs 300 lbs. and has a 3000 lb. load capacity.

Floating Swim Platform

Always at the center of fun – swimming, diving and sunbathing. This durable 8’ x 8’ platform is solidly built and virtually unsinkable. Weighs 340 lbs. with a 1400 lb. capacity. Custom sizes also available.

All Terrain Staircase System

The All-Terrain Staircase is made entirely of corrosion-resistant aluminum. All components are ruggedly constructed, yet lightweight for easy handling and assembly. Stair treads and landings are made from the same high-quality QT powder coated aluminum decking that is available on Hewitt Docks. The baked-on finish provides sure footing even when wet.

Dock Accessories

Hewitt offers many accessories to aid installation and enhance the appearance, safety and functionality of your dock and lift.

Dock Decking

Decking is the most visible part of a finished dock installation. Hewitt docks offer six different styles, each with their own unique appearance and performance characteristics.

Wood Heated HotTubs

An Alumi-Tub is easy to use, easy to maintain, and easy to move or store. Two men can carry or roll the tub like a wheel to whatever location you choose. Place the tub on a level surface, fill with water, heat and be in it that same evening. One way to store your Alumi-Tub, simply drain your tub, empty your firebox, and roll your tub into storage.